Rosegal try-on haul/review


To begin with, I was contacted by a lovely Rosegal team member and I was kindly offered to review some of their clothing pieces and of course I agreed because I checked their website and I just couldn't say no! 
I picked two of their clothing items. First one was Cami Velvet Sweatheart Top in deep pink. I just checked out their website and unfortunately it's sold out but, I am pretty sure it will be back in stock soon. So about the order, both items came in 16 days, which is actually pretty great realising that they were shipped all the way from China
Both pieces came in separate bags and I had to pick them up undividually, which seemed weird at first, but when I realised that it was actually a smart move, because this way there is a much less possibility that the items will get lost on their way to a client and it could also solve some of the problems concerning customs.

Let's get back to the cami top. When I ordered it, I thought that it was going to be a regular fit top, but when I tried it on I realised it was more like a crop top because it was barely covering my belly button but despite the fact that it's a crop top I still love it so much! Velvet material is extremely soft and expensive looking, lace detailing looks really sweet and adds some playfulness to the whole look. Overall, top looks exactly like on the website picture, which is always great when shopping online. I ordered size M and it fits perfectly.

On to the next top, which is a Backless Self Tie Cami Top with Pompon in white. Again, unfortunately this top is sold out also, but let's hope they restock it soon! 
The material is very delicate, so you have to take a good care of it because it tends to get wrinkly real fast. The material also reminds me of something I would wear to bed, but because we all know that it is now socially acceptable to wear lingerie-like clothing in public, you can make it work. I picked it up, because I have never seen a similar top to this so I was excited to see how it looks in real life and to be honest, I am not even slightly disappointed because it's a very interesting piece to have in your closet.
Front is extremely plain, but the back gets all the attention. This is definitely the type of top you would have to wear nipple covers with, because there is an open back and bra straps just wouldn't look cute if they were peeking out or maybe a lace bralette could work too. I picked it up in size M, but now I would probably go for a size L, because I would like it to be slightly longer. Pom poms definitely add that instagram vibe and I think that a top like this could look really cool and trendy if styled right. Again, the top looks just like in the picture.

Overall, I am very happy with both of these tops and store in general! I am excited to shop from this website more frequently because there are TONS of really cute stuff like these white crop tops! Need asap!
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