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This is extremely embarrassing because I had to publish this post in November right after the Gold Obsession event hosted by L'Oreal. I truly am a horrible blogger when it comes to posting on time and keeping up with the trends and new releases. But hey, it's better late than never, right? In November I was kindly invited to a L'Oreal Paris #goldobsession party, where I had an ability to try out their new makeup range with famous beauty bloggers, makeup artists and other influencers. Everyone received their own goodie bags to try out L'Oreal's new makeup products. I will show you what I got in my goodie back and give you quick reviews and my opinion on the products.

In my goodie bag I received 5 products from Color Riche by L'Oreal: 2 lipsticks in shades Rouge Gold and Pure Gold, La Palette lip palette in Nude, Couture lip liner in Beige A Nu and lastly, gold nail polish in Gold Carat. For now I am only going to review lipsticks and lip palette because I feel like these products are the centre of attention when it comes to this new collection and although these are no longer considered as new makeup products (shame on me) you can still find them in stores. Hope you can still find this post at least somehow helpful!

Let's begin with these beautiful lipsticks. As mentioned, In my goodie back I received 2 lipsticks in shades Rouge Gold and Pure Gold. Lipsticks retail for 12.49€. Speaking about packaging, I would say it's pretty luxurious looking, Lid is completely matte and the bottom part has that gold mirror effect and is transitioning to black matte. I can surely admit that L'Oreal did a great job on the exterior of these lipsticks. Although I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of gold, this packaging really caught my eye.

Where are 3 more Color Riche Gold Obsession lipsticks in retail and what is interesting is that each of the 5 shades are wrapped in 24-Carat gold for a statement metallic look. L'Oreal claims that as well as it's intense colour pigment, each Color Riche lipstick shade is enriched with a combination of Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E which helps to protect your lips from drying. I will be straight with you, when I first saw these in my goodie bag, I literally said wow, but then I started thinking, can I really pull it off? Maybe. Rouge Gold is a bright red with gold shimmer and a tint of orange. It's extremely creamy and pigmented. Because it's so creamy it's really easy to smudge. I feel like with this lipstick you would have to reapply it a couple of times throughout the day and constantly check if it hasn't smudged. Pure Gold is something extremely out of the comfort zone because it's literally a gold shimmer. I am surprised how pigmented and opaque that is. Again, the texture is creamy, feels comfortable on the lips. Not sure if I would ever wear it on my lips, but I've tried adding some on the eyelids and to be honest I loved the result! I am pretty positive it would work as a highlighter for some crazy makeup look as well! In brief, I like the idea of these lipsticks but not that much the realisation. 

On to the next product. Lip palette in Nude contains 6 natural skin-like shades in matte and satin textures. Palette retails for 17.49€. Again, the packaging has that gold mirror effect. The gold case makes the product look rather expensive. Palette also includes a mirror and a tiny lip brush. The idea of this palette is to blend shades together for a shaded ombre effect and create your own unique makeup looks. I also noticed that this palette has a pretty strong, almost sweet scent so if you are not a fan of scented makeup, be aware. I find that lighter shades are too sheer to even tell a difference between your natural lip color and a lip product. Darker shades appear more pigmented and opaque. All shades are creamy and feel very comfortable and smooth on the lips, I literally feel like I have nothing on my lips, which is a huge plus because otherwise I feel obnoxious and that's the main reason why I am not so keen on wearing lip products in general. I feel like with this product you would have to reapply it more than once throughout the day so it's a good thing that this palette comes with a mirror and a tiny brush. The brush works well for a quick application. I love how you can create endless looks with this palette and that it includes a total of 6 nude shades. I think this a great everyday on the go makeup product.

To conclude, I am pleasantly satisfied with this L'Oreal makeup release. My favorite product is definitely the lip palette. Let me know if you have tried anything from this Color Riche makeup collection and tell me what you think of it!


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  1. Wow! Those lippies look amazing, that gold is such a bold statement!

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