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For my 18th birthday I got this gorgeous eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution London, it's their Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow in Beyond Flaweless. Only recently I started experimenting a lot more with eyeshadows, because it always has always been one of the things that I suck at. Any time I would try to do my eye makeup, I would end up looking like this. Anyways, I finally sit down to write a review on this palette. I delayed the writing part for a few months now, because I am just this lazy. Oh well! 
First, let's talk about the packaging. I actually really like it, because for the price, which is 11.39€ on, it's really great quality. It's made of sturdy shiny black high quality plastic, which is a bit heavy, kinda looks and feels like glass. When you open it, you find a full size mirror, which is awesome! It's very good quality and is perfect on the go. Overall, I am very happy with the packaging.

Shadows. Palette comes with 32 pretty much all neutral eyeshadows with different finishes from matte, through satin to shimmery. All the shades have names which are printed on a plastic clear sheet. You get plenty of bronze, golden, pinkish, brownish and greyish shades. In this palette you can find your cool and warm tones. I find these eyeshadows really soft and silky smooth, easy to blend, altogether, well pigmented (I will talk about the pigmention of each shadow down below!) and they do last on the lids for quite some time, but there's a lot of fall out, so make sure to keep that in mind. All in all, the selection of colours is great, it's a very convenient palette, which will come in hand for both natural everyday makeup and sexy smoky evening glam.

Swatches. I had so much fun swatching this whole palette, for some reason I find it very satisfying! You'll see 4 pictures of the swatches I did, which means that I swatched the entire row at once. And by the way, I didn't use any makeup primer.

In the first row, you have all the lightest eye shadows in the palette. Flawless is a very beautiful shimmery/pearly white, which in my opinion is perfect for a base, inner corners or even a subtle highlight. Light caramel is that bronze goddess shimmer shade, which would look great on its own. Papaya reminds me of Flawless in texture, but has that pink tint in it, satin-like finish. Bare pink is very similar to Papaya, but is a lot more shimmery, Papaya is more subtle. Sand dune is a great transitional shade, it's also matte, I think it would also work as a crease shade for all fair skinned. Mineral is a light grey shimmer. Expresso is like a more bronze/coppery version of light caramel, it's a beautiful shimmer. And lastly, Warm grey, as it's said, is warm grey with a lovely shimmer in it.

Dove is very skin-like colour, but has just a tiny shimmer in it. Chestnut is pretty much the same as Light Caramel, but it's a little bit on a warmer side. Zorba is that princess light pink, which is also very suitable for the inner corners. Pug is very similar, but a bit darker and less pigmented. Brunette is a taupe matte shade, which for sure needs more pigment in it. Cookie dough is a masterpiece, it is very pigmented and very chic looking. Chocolate is just your usual cool-toned brown. Stone grey is ideal for a smoky eye, it is cool-toned, has micro shimmer, satin-like and has a tiny tint of blue in it. 

Sandstone is very poorly pigmented, it's a warm brown. Bronze is a very well pigmented true intense shimmery bronze. Autumn is probably one of my favorites, it's a stunning champagne shimmer.  Spice is also a STUNNER! It's very alike to Autumn in texture, it's a taupy pink shimmer. Wholemeal is just a tiny bit darker than Spice. Sepia is a warm brown shimmer. Muddy is a dark, cool-toned brown shimmer. Nightfall is a very dark grey with micro shimmer in it. This one is pretty hard to blend.

Tawny is a great matte warm brown shade, perfect for the crease. Ground brown really reminds me of true soil colour. It's intense dark brown shimmer. Toasty is the most intense and divine copper shimmer. Immaculate is very lovely, it's soft pink with a subtle shimmer (satin) finish. Teddy is light warm-toned brown. Cocoa is similar to Teddy, but is a little darker. Bistre is red/purple toned dark brown shimmer. Blackest is obviously a black, has a matte finish, but is very poorly pigmented. 

Overall, for a price like this, it can't get better than that. It's a very beginner-friendly palette with lots of neutral shades ideal for everyday wear. Most of the shadows are shimmers, which are rich in pigment, but the matte ones are quite poorly pigmented and pretty hard to blend. My favorite shades are Papaya, Cookie dough, Autumn, Spice and Toasty. Do I recommend this palette? I totally do. In all respects, it's a very great quality palette, which I pull out to use on a regular basis, because it has all the shades you may need to create a natural, yet glam eye makeup.


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  1. Wow this palette is absolutely filled with gorgeous colours, and it is so cheap too!

    Kez |

  2. O, Dievužėli, kaip noriu šios paletės!!!!