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So turned out that I have 3 products from the Matrix company so I got an idea to make a some kind of a review on it. I plan to continue this "In the Spotlight - ..." series with other brands so I hope you will enjoy this!
Matrix was founded in the USA in 1980 and is a professional hair care and hair colour company, which is a part of L'Oreal. I feel like this brand sells anything that your heart may desire because their selection of hair products is humongous! In my hands I have 3 products from Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose hair care line. It's a finishing sprayvolumizing mousse and conditioner

As I mentioned in my New in | June blog post, all these products contain Rosa Canina fruit oil, which should moisturize and nourish your hair without making them feel heavy. I also believe that oil should help make your hair shiny. 
Actually, I googled to learn more about this oil and I found some pretty interesting information, which I would like to share with you:
"Rosa Canina oil, also known as Rosehip Oil, contains a list of active ingredients associated with anti-aging and skin boosting such as vitamin C, lycopene, vitamin A, omega 9 (an essential fatty acid), beta-carotene (powerful antioxidant), and omega 6 (an essential fatty acid associated with reducing inflammation and fine lines).
As a result of all these active ingredients, Rosehip Oil attracts a number of beauty benefits. The high level of essential fatty acids is purported to help the skin hold moisture and reduce dryness. This, in turn, has a positive effect on wrinkles which are a by-product of skin which is lacking in moisture. Additionally, scars (such as chickenpox), skin damage (such as stretch marks), and acne may be reduced or smoothed out with the use of Rosehip Oil which is also reported to encourage skin to repair itself after over-exposure to the sun or accidental burns. 
Rosehip Oil is also reputed to reduce skin pigmentation problems or premature aging."
Information from
By the way, all these products smell so heavenly, fresh and actually smell like real roses. I would love to get a perfume that smells like this!

More in depth about every single product:
Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Conditioner for fine hair. Like most conditioners this one also leaves my hair super smooth and slippery. It claims to moisturize and nourish your hair without making them feel heavy and I would totally agree to that because I did notice that my hair is a lot more shiny and it just looks healthy. I never complained about my hair but lately I have been stressing out too much, which made my hair feel a lot more vulnerable and in addition to this, a few months ago I started using heat on my hair like crazy, so it also added to my hair loosing its vitality and moisture specifically, but I feel like this conditioner really helped to bring back life to my very sensitive hair.  BUT I did not really notice any additional volume and I do blame hot weather and constant sweating for that, but still I will continue using this conditioner and will let you know if I see any significant difference. And I forgot one more thing, this conditioner leaves your hair smelling so so good and that rosy smell stays with you till the next wash! A few of my friends told me that my hair smells really lovely and I have never noticed that until then, it was such a lovely thing to hear! You get 200ml per bottle for 10.30€.
Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose finishing spray. This one I also love! Again, the smell it leaves is to die for! Because I don't do too much to my hair because I am lazy I use it quite rarely, but if I do I use it to fix my baby hairs, which are so annoying, because they actually look like horns sticking out of my head ha ha. Again, this spray doesn't feel heavy, it's not sticky at all and feels very natural when touching. To be honest, my brother started using it so I guess it kinda means that he also approves it. Also, it claims to be strong-hold, fast drying, protect hair from static, promises to be 24 hour humidity resistant and all day frizz-fighting. I did not really have an opportunity to test it for humidity, but now I am kinda interested to so I think I will! You get A LOT 400ml for 14.30€. So far the best hairspray I have used!
Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose volumizing mousse. This one is kinda tricky for me. So again, it is supposed to give volume to fine hair. First time I used it, I was left with wet and oily looking hair probably because I used to much of it. Later on I tried using a lot less product and it worked a little better. I do recommend blow drying your hair after using this product, because I see a lot less volume if I let my hair dry on its own. But I do notice a little more body in my hair after using it because my hair is not completely glued on to my scalp like it normally would. You get 250ml for 14.30€. This one is my least favorite and probably I would not purchase it again because I just can't figure out how to work with it. Still, I have a lot of product I will let you know if there is any changes!

In conclusion, I am overly happy with all these products, they did their job! I would love to try out more from Matrix later in the future. Lithuanian readers can find Matrix production on, also it is sold on,

Have you ever tried anything from Matrix?


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