Review: Real Techniques Core Collection


Finally, I am doing a proper review on Real Techniques Core Collection! It's been a while since I started using these so I have quite a few things to say. 
This set comes with 4 brushes: buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and contour blush + panoramic case. I would say that this set should've also included a powder brush, because it's an essential for some of us who always powder their face after applying a liquid foundation. Still, it comes with an everyday-use brushes, which makes it a perfect combination.
I really love the design, especially the rubber detail! These really look like high-end brushes! I also like cooper handles and how shiny they are and reflect the light. On every brush there is a RT logo and a name of the brush, which is very convenient. Bristles are two-toned, grey and black which look really sleek in my opinion. Brushes I would say are quite light, but still feel very sturdy and comfortable in hands. Handles are made of rubber and aluminum. Synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free.
I've been using these for a couple of years now and I can truly say that these are really great quality, especially for the price. I've washed them multiple times since I've purchased them and that I have to say is bristles don't shed, which is amazing. They wash really well, personally I wash them either with a shampoo or shower cream. After wash they are still as soft as they were right when I purchased them. Handles also hold perfectly fine, no scratches or parts falling apart, just in a perfect condition.
Talking about softness I would not call the bristles ULTRA plush. It feels synthetic, but it's still soft. Overall, these are very soft, gentle on the skin and very densely stuffed, which is great.

Now, individually about every single brush;
Contour brush: for a long time I used to apply a bronzer with this one. Only now I realized that it was made for a highlighter application. Ooops! But well, that's logic, its shape is perfect for that (dumb me). Still, it works great for a bronzer too! I am pretty sure this would work with a blush too! Overall, I would say this brush is perfect for sculpting your cheeks!
Pointed foundation brush: this one is my least favorite. Somehow I find it to be not gentle on my face, it doesn't feel pleasant to apply makeup with it. It's made for a liquid foundation, but I find it to be very small for a whole-face application, but in problematic or hard to access areas like around the nose, under the eyes, around the lips, under the brows it works just well. Nevertheless, I don't find myself using it.
Detailer brush: this one works great with concealer and filling or lining my lips!
Buffing brush: it claims to be ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation, but I use it for liquid foundation and that works well for me. I really like its size, because it doesn't take a long time to apply foundation all over my face. 

Overall, these are great brushes, especially for the price, which is about 30,95€ (in Lithuania). Quality is great, the set comes with very versatile and useful in everyday life brushes. If you are just a beginner or already a professional in makeup, I think these would work great for you!
Let me know if you own these and what do you think!


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  1. I have to totally agree on the Pointed foundation brush, I don't know anyone who actually uses this for foundation, like seriously it's very odd? To me it does not pick up the product at all and leaves it so streaky. I tried using it for concealer instead and it just doesn't work at all, so to be honest, I never use that brush which does seem like a bit of a waste! The RT powder brush has to be my favourite one though out of the whole line xx

    1. omg I really thought I was the only one who is so negative about this brush! I totally agree with you, I don't understand why it's so inconvenient either! and yeah, it does apply foundation so streaky ughhhh. Thank you so much for your comment, Caroline! I really appreciate it xx

  2. I also have this set and I agree that the pointed foundation brush isn't as practical or usable as the other brushes in this set. I actually use it to apply powder under my eyes, and in harder to get places, but still, it isn't as good as the other brushes!

    Kez |

    1. I haven't thought of using it to set my under eye area, I wil try though!! Thank you for you comment dear! have a great day xx

  3. I just found your blog and I absolutely love your design! I really love my real techniques brushes but I still don't have the core collection, oops! xx

  4. I just found your blog and I absolutely love your design! I really love my real techniques brushes but I still don't have the core collection, oops! xx

    1. oh myy.. thank you so so much!! you should def give this set a try!! and tysm for leaving your blog link, it's soooo damn good! so excited to read it all through, love the pictures xx