Ruby Auto Rotating Curler by Irresistible Me - first impression


I am a very lazy person when it comes to styling my hair so I usually just leave it naturally (straight). But guys, when I found out that things like auto-rotating curling irons exist, which means that you don't need to curl your hair around the wand by yourself, it will do it for you,  I understood it was made for girls like me, who want something more fancy, but still don't want to spend so much energy/time achieving it.

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Just a couple of days ago in the mail I got delivered my eagerly awaited Ruby Auto Rotating Curler by Irresistible Me. Irresistible Me is based in New York, USA and they sell 100% Remy hair clip-in extensions, wigs, hair accessories, tools and even hair care products! The tool came in a neat and safely packed (which is very important considering the fact that it had to make its way all across the ocean) black sleek box. By the way, not only the tool came in an excellent condition, it also came very quickly (8 days in total)

When you open the box you can see many features listed that the curler has:
• diamond/ceramic/tourmaline technology - diamond coating enhances its durability and heat transfer. Tourmaline gemstone is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat, which provides faster styling. Negative ions eliminate frizz and lock in moisture by closing the cuticle to create smooth, shiny hair.
• automatic curling iron - there are 3 buttons ( red, "L" and "R").  First, you clasp the end of your hair between the clasp and then press and hold the "L" button to left/clockwise rotate the barrel or the "R" button for automatic right/counterclockwise rotation. Then you just release the button to stop rotating. After auto rotating press the red reset button, which returns the barrel to its initial position and this way saves your time.

• auto shut off - the curler has a one hour auto sleep function that will put the curler into standby mode.
• universal voltage - but depending on there you live you will need a plug adapter, because it comes with a USA power plug.

• rotating auto recovery
• fast heat up - it claims to heat up in less than a minute!
• ergonomic design 
• light weight tool - it's not heavy, but still feels durable and sturdy in the hands.
• 360° rotating barrel
• 2,5 m power cord
* 5 adjustable temperature options: 260°F, 300°F, 340°F, 380°F and 410°F (or 127°C, 149°C, 171°C, 193°C and 210°C) - it's recommended to use low heat for hair that has been color treated or is fragile or damaged.

although the whole technology really isn't that complicated, thanks to the booklet it was easy to figure out how the curler works. I noticed it wasn't enough to keep my hair wrapped for 5-10 seconds. For loose soft curls effect I have to keep my hair wrapped for at least 20 seconds (340°F) and in the booklet indicated maximum time is 10 seconds! I don't know whether my hair is super thick or what, but 10 seconds didn't work out for me. I will admit, I am not a fan of tight curls so picking thicker sections of hair and holding them for about 20 seconds is a perfect combo for my beloved loose beachy soft curles. By the way, I plan on doing a video including this hair styler in the near future where I can show you how I curl my hair and how I style my curls! So far I really enjoy using Ruby!

If you are interested in buying this Ruby Auto Rotating Curler click here. Now it cost $119, but sometimes it is given a discount so keep your eyes wide open! By the way, the is giving 20% off on your first order so you can get this curler or any other product from this website for a lot cheaper! Anyways, thank you so much for reading, have a lovely day/night and I will speak to you soon, bye!


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  1. Great blog and great post!! Have a nice day!! :)

  2. This looks so interesting! Lovely review x

    Your blog is super cute! Would you maybe want to follow each other? Let me know x

    Lina /

    1. thanks dear! yeah, of course, why not?:)

    2. I followed you on both GFC and Bloglovin', lovely! Waiting for your follow back x

  3. This is a really cool idea, I must admit that I am super lazy when it comes to my hair too!

    Kez |

    1. ha ha we have something in common then!

  4. The idea of a auto rotating curler scares me but the reality is I think it could be so very helpful. Thanks for the review! x