Review: BH Cosmetics Pop Art Brush Set


I am super excited to finally re-do my first ever artcile (here), which lets admit it's very crappy, but for some reason, it's the most popular post on my blog! So, after almost a year I decided to re-do it and make it more informative, helpful and of course interesting for you to read. Today I am reviewing BH cosmetics 10pc Pop Art Brush Set. Lets hop right in! 
Product description: 
"Cute and convenient, this 10 pcs Pop Art Brush Set comes in a durable striped container with snap closer for easy travel. Convertible into a brush caddy that looks great on your bathroom counter or dressing table, this set is packed full of super soft complexion and eye brushes with neon colored handles that pop!"
This set comes with 10 brushes: 5 for face, 4 for eyes and 1 for the lips. What I love about these brushes is their colourfulness. They are so fun to look at, so doing makeup is even more entertaining this way! With this set also comes a brush holder which is very convenient and high quality, I also really love it's design - stripes are always a good choice!

1. Powder Blush. It's a perfect powder blush. So far I have only tried it out with pressed powder and it does the job well!
2. Angled Powder/ Blush Brush. Personally I use this one to highlight my cheeks, because I am not a fan of blushes and it works just fine!
3. Foundation Brush. I used to apply my liquid foundation with this one before I discovered a makeup sponge, that I've noticed is that it leaves foundation streakes, which is not really cute and I am pretty sure that's the reason why I stopped using it.
4. Complexion Blending Brush. I have still not found out that these complexion brushes are for! But I am pretty positive that this one would work great for setting under eye zone. Well, now I have to try this tehnique. 
5. Flat Complexion Brush. Well, I don't really use this brush that much, sometimes I apply my highlighter with it. 
6. Tappered Eyeshadow Blending Brush. This one is so good for blending! love love love this.
7. Fluffy Angled Eyeshadow Brush. Also perfect! It's so great for creating that smoky eye effect.
8. Angled Liner/ Brow Brush. I use this one to line and fill in my eyebrows specificaly and it works great! I love how precise it is.
9. Lip Brush. I use this one to cover my spots!
10. Spooley Brush. it's always good to have a spooley brush, right?

You may have noticed that I use some of these for not their original purpose, but that just shows that they are versatile! I would say that this set comes with a perfect amount of brushes for a beginer in makeup (well, I still don't really know that complecion brushes are for haha, maybe you know and could enlighten me?). Probably that I've missed out in this set the most is a contour brush.

As I mentioned I love how these look! Not only these bright handles caught my eye, but also white bristles with black top. Brushes are I would say perfect weight, not to heavy and not too light. Handels themselves are made of wood and bristles are synthetic, 

I've been using them for about 2 years now and, guys, now I can truly say that they are great quality. I've washed them multiple times since I've purchased these and not even a single bristle has shed (or maybe it did when I wasn't watching haha). They wash really well, personally I wash them either with shampoo or shower cream. After wash they are still as soft as they were right when I purchased them. And an important thing that I have to tell you is that 2 brushes kinda "disconnected", black part disconnected from the wooden part. But I fixed this little problem with a little bit of glue and it looks like it has never even happened haha. I plan on using them for a couple more years for sure!
Talking about softness I could not say much but that I can say that for me these are softer than Real Techniques, but not as soft as Ecotools (I have a few of these, would you like me to review them?). Although bristles are synthetic they are very soft and fluffy also very densely stuffed, which is great.

Overall, I don't know about others, but these brushes work great for me and I use them on daily basis. I bought them from () (not available anymore) and they were worth 120lt (~35eur) and I can totally say that these are absolutely worth the price. They are great quality, soft, do not shed, apply makeup smoothly, easy to wash, versatile and really nice and fun looking!

I hope you guys enjoyed this really long review and please let me know if you have tried anything from BH cosmetics! Have fun x


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  1. Ooh I've beem looking for new brushes and these seem ideal. Thanks! Lisa x

    1. No problem!! have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by xx

  2. These looks so cute! I love the colors!!

    I wanted to drop by and say that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog here:

    Hope you like the questions!
    Lina /

    1. omg thank you so much!! I am so excited!!

  3. These brushes are so cute, I love the vibrant colours! I have never heard of the brand before, but now I want a set, I especially love their little travel case, it is adorable!

    Kez |

    1. It's a new discovery for me also! It's really worth trying!!

  4. I love the look of these brushes! I like how each brush has a different coloured handle. I bet they look good in your make-up brush pot! It's good to hear that they last for a long time too x
    Louise |

    1. they really do!! I really recommend this set, it works great for me! Thank you for your comment Louise!