Hair care for fine, flat hair


Hello! Today I wanted to share with you one of my recent discoveries - hair care series for fine, flat hair, which is missing moisture and volume! This line's aim is to leave the hair intensely moisturised and with up to 95% more volume. When I saw this line, I immediately understood that it's made for me. I have straight, flat, fine and dry hair with no body at all. It has always been like this and I thought that there is no solution for it, but appears that there is. It's Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture.
This specific series comes with 4 different products: shampoo, conditioner, Souffle treatment and root lift spray.
On the daily basis, I use shampoo and conditioner and several times per week I use root lifting spray, which are all great products and work together really well. Shampoo foams really easily and smells very fresh and for some reason it reminds me of flowers. Conditioner smells even fresher, I would like to have a perfume that would smell like this actually! Another great thing about these two products is that you need just a little of the product. On my clean, wet hair roots I spray root lift sprayThis light mist targets the roots, a part of your hair that’s often weighed down. You can use it on damp hair for an instant root lift whilst styling, or on dry hair for a boost of moisturisation and hair volume. On the packaging it says that you should spray it to your hair from 10 to 12 times for the best results and when style it with a hair blow dryer. That I don't like about this product is the smell. It kinda smells like vinegar, which is not a lovely scent and hair is not the right place to smell like that. After blow drying I can still feel that unpleasant smell, but after a few minutes it goes away. And guys, this product actually works! It really lifts my roots, which for me is like the 8th Wonder of the World ha ha.
When I want to pamper my hair I also use the Souffle treatment. The consistency reminds me of the hair mask, but I feel that it works similar to the conditioner. It should leave your hair smooth, soft, moisturised and bouncy. By the way, the smell of this product is the strongest in the whole series, but it's still really fresh and not irritating at all.
Overall, this series really impressed me. I did not use Dove hair care products before and this series left so many positive emotions that I just can't hold my satisfaction! If you have a similar hair type to mines, I definitely recommend trying this series! My current hair care routine mainly consists of these 4 products. I really have noticed the change. My hair now has a lot more volume, is more shiny, and I also noticed that my hair does not get static that much as it used to, which means that my hair is a lot more moisturised now.

You can read more about this series, see the ingredients, prices, reviews the other people did and a lot more here.

Thank you Dove so much for picking this specific hair series and being kind enough to send it to me to try out! I really appreciate that!


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  1. I need this in my life right now! I love anything that's dove and I saw this in boots and I don't know if it would help my hair or not. I really want to get it now though because I feel like it's the boost that my hair needs haha :) Lovely review :)

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire

    1. I really think it's worth the try:) Thank you so much!

  2. This line sounds amazing! I haven't tried it, but love that it should offer volume and smells nice!