Transitioning Into Spring


Are you guys excited for Spring because I definitely am! I am coming back with a fashion post, which includes 2 outfits that I'm really pumped to wear this upcoming Spring season and this time I will also tell you which spring trends I'm looking forward to and I will also include few essential items from the winter season that I'd like to keep close by and incorporate into my spring wardrobe. And guys, it was freezing cold and windy when we were shooting these outfits so I want to say a huge thank you to my friend Migle who helped me so much with it, love you!! I really hope the weather will get warmer soon here in Lithuania. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and lets hop into outfits!

OUTFIT #1. I especially love this one. I would describe this outfit as a street style. I am wearing my black baggy low crotch sweatpants, which I wore so much during the cold season, black side cut long t-shirt, which shows a little bit of  a stomach, classic black and white high-top Converse sneakers, tattoo choker and I actually don't know how to call this last clothing piece, it's a very unique looking short silver grey jacket?? By the way, I've read in Vogue (here) that silver and street style clothing will be especially on trend this Spring so I am really excited to rock this outfit!

OUTFIT #2. I adore this outfit! This winter I've been wearing this black sweater dress so much, but I will still be wearing it in the spring, because it's like ideal thickness, it's not too warm and it's not too cold. Perfect! Also, I am wearing some random grayish thin tights, same black tattoo choker, blue velvet jacket, which I love so much! It's really grungy, but also really formal looking at the same time! Another piece are my black zipper booties, which I wore on a daily basis in fall,winter and will still be wearing in spring, I just have to take my warming insoles out and it will be good to go! Another trendy item that I have and have been seeing all over the internet are these front zip bags, which are really cool looking!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was such a struggle to have this post done, because of the freezing weather conditions haha. I hope you have a great day/night!


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  1. I love the first jacket but above all, I love your hair! It looks so fresh :)