Review: Lumene Matt Oil Control Full Coverage Foundation


This post was in my draft folder for such a long time! I have been using Lumene's Matt Control Oil-Free foundation for oily to combination skin for a couple of months now and I think that I can finally tell you my opinion about it. 

Packaging. The foundation comes in a squeeze plastic tube, which is actually very similar looking to Clinique's Stay-Matte foundation (here), which I am totally trying in the future! I really love how simple, but still chic looking the packaging is, I like the silver detailing on the top. Capacity is 30 ml which is very common for most of the foundations and I think it's just the right amount. The tube doesn't leak and is easy to squeeze so overall I am quite pleased with the packaging.
Color range. There are 5 colors to choose from (see the shades here) and I would say that all of these are really warm and yellow toned, which would not really suit pink toned skin.
Coverage. This foundations claims to be full coverage, which I totally agree on, because it does cover redness and most of the blemishes with just one thin layer only. You can see my before and after pictures down bellow!
Wear. Here comes all my negativity. First of all, this foundation clogs the pores and I am almost sure that exactly this product caused my breakouts, which is so annoying because I was just so glad I finally cleared out my skin!! (by the way, pictures were taken just when I started using this foundation so I am not breaking out there yet) Anyways, other drawbacks are that it creases and makes my face shiny after just a couple of hours of wearing it, which totally conflicts with the main purpose of this foundation. 

If you are interested here are the ingredients:

Overall. I would say that this foundation is fine for those times when you don't need to wear makeup for a long time e.g. makeup tutorials, photo shoots, because coverage is great and it does look smooth, matte and flawless just right when you apply it.  Nevertheless, I don't recommend buying it, because it clogs pores, which can cause breakouts, creases and gets shiny throughout the day, although the coverage is great.

Have you tried this foundation? If yes, what is your opinion on it? Let me know!


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