Review: Born Pretty Store Shimmer Silver Gel Eyeliner


Hello! Today I am doing a review on Born Pretty Store Shimmer Silver Gel Eyeliner (link here). First of all, Born Pretty Store is an online store based in China, which offers totally affordable and usually discounted products like clothing, jewelry, accessories, makeup, nail care stuff and etc. and also ships worldwide for free with no minimum orders. Now, back to the review.  
I think the first thing that you have noticed is the Calvin Klein logo, but obviously it's not authentic, I actually checked out Calvin Klein's website and looked for the gel eyeliner and did not find any similar product. Anyways, the packaging is very nicely made, the box is shinny, luxurious looking and gives additional information like ingredients, the quantity (5.5g 0.17 OZ). In short, from the packaging I would never say that this is not an authentic product. When you open it, you can see a shiny geometrical lid, which looks so unique and chic, with a CK logo. Sadly, mine was a little bit scratched. Also, you get a tiny brush, which is sufficiently good quality and size, but a little bit too bulky for applying eyeliner.
The product itself is nicely pigmented, but I would say that is better to use it as an eye shadow itself, because it's quite sheer to be used as an eyeliner. When I tried to draw a line (with a given brush) just above my upper lash line or a swatch it on my hand it was quite tricky as it was definitely not enough to take only one dip of  the product to create a rich and pigmented line. I also tried applying it with a pointy eyeliner tip, which I had and I feel like it did a better job because it was more precise. And I forgot to mention that this product is very creamy and easy to blend, which is not really good for eyeliner, because it can smudge easily, but great for eye shadow. Overall, I would say that this is a multi-functional product: you can use it as an eye shadow on its own, as a highlighter (especially for inner corners), body glitter and of course as a gel eyeliner, but you will definitely need to build it up to make it look bold.  

I want to say a big thank you to Joy from Born Pretty Store for sending me this to try out!
If you want to get it for yourself (link here) or if you want any other other product from this website (and they have a ton of stuff to choose from, e.g. fake eyelashes, lipsticks, blushes, concealers, eyeliners, eye shadows and etc.) make sure to use my discount code VIOH10 for 10% off at the checkout!


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  1. That looks beautiful! I think I'd like to apply it all over my eye x

    Wildfire Charm

  2. It looks great on your eyes. I would use it, as you suggested, as a highlighter for inner corners.
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