2015 Beauty Favorites


Sorry if I am the last person who posts favorites of 2015, but it's better later than never, right? 
I seriously got into beauty not so long ago, so I had just a little amount of favorites last year and I really hope that this year I will discover much more of the beauty world!

Batiste dry shampoos. I just love this stuff, you can't even imagine how many times it saved me from getting late. These dry shampoos not only make ultra greasy hair look fresh and just washed, but also give them some volume and a nice smell! By the way, I noticed that a lot of people use these shampoos on a daily basis not just to freshen them up, but just to give their hair some volume. In the picture you can my beloved Batiste Blush and a newly released Strength&Shine*, which I haven't tried out yet, but I am 100% sure that I will love it! In Lithuania you can find these shampoos in Maxima, Eurokos and Douglas!
BH cosmetics Pop Art brush set. I have done a review on this kit here where I compare it to the Real Tehniques brushes. That review is actually very crummy so I plan on doing a proper one soon!  So far I would single out powder, complexion blending and tapered eyeshadow blending brush, because I feel like I reached out for them the most this year, but I really loved all the brushes that come with this set!
Real Techniques Core Collection Contour brush. In the same review that I've mentioned (here) about I said that I loved the contour brush the most from the entire collection so I stick to my opinion. I just think that it's the perfect shape and size.
MAC cosmetics. It's impossible to describe how gratifying it was when MAC appeared in Lithuania. For about 4 months after the release it was impossible to find the right shade of your foundation, lip pencil in Whirl and a bunch of lipstick shades because everything was sold out and out of stock! Anyways, back to the point, last year I loved using the MAC powder blush in Harmony (matte), I was recommended to use this for contouring so that's exactly that I have been doing for about 6 months now. I love using it to create that soft contour look which always turns out subtle and light. Another product that I have been loving is MAC Studio Finish concealer SPF 35 fps in NC15. It is a life saver when nasty spots appear on my face. I don't use it for under eye concealing, I just feel that it is better to use a liquid concealer for that, but for a spot treatment it does an amazing job. Love it!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel. It's also a must for me when it comes to treating my spots and it prevents the appearance of the new ones. Whenever a new blemish appears I always apply a thin layer of gel all over it and it completely disappears in about 2 days period. It's also one of my face care routine products (here). And also, I have a 15 ml bottle for more than 1 year now, so it's a great investment. I am sure that it will be featured in all of my annual favorites ha ha.
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. I feel like I have talked about this one so much so I will just say that I love it to pieces, because it does not only evens out my skin, has light consistency, does not clog pores, covers redness, is very affordable,  but also treats my skin with beneficial ingredients.
Artdeco Eye Brow Designer. The main reason why it is in my favorites is because I feel like it's the only eyebrow pencil that matches my true eyebrow colour. It's in Medium Dark (#3). I don't know why, but it's very hard for me to find a grey toned eyebrow pencil. I feel like all the eyebrow pencils are warm-toned, which is a trouble when you have cold-toned eyebrows like mine. But still, I really enjoyed using this eyebrow pencil to shape and fill my eyebrows.
Gel nail polishes. Since my mom bought gel nail system for us I got really into gel nails lately. My favorites are Mesauda Milano in Stardust (#99), iBi Solitaire Minis in Mocha and Kinetics Super Polish Gel in Jet Black (#188)

This was one long post, applause for you if you have made it this far! Please tell me in the comments what are your beauty favorites of 2015, because I would love to know!

*Thank you so much Batiste sausas šampūnasTT Agentuur for sending me this one to try out!


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  1. I also really love MAC! I really want to try the Real Techniques brushes too! Great post x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Gotta love batiste! Love trying out all their different scents and they never fail to impress me haha :) great picks!

    Lotté |

    1. yes this is so true!! thank you Lotte! xo

  3. I like your favourites a lot and its given me the chance to see some products I would've never thought about trying. I really love Real Techniques brushes but I haven't bothered with the contour set yet so I may have to look in to buying them x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

  4. I love the Clinique clearing gel! It is one of my daily used items. Great post. :)

    S .x

    1. It's amazing! I am so happy that I am not the only one who discovered this great product! Thank you dear!

  5. Oh I love the RT contour brush! I definitely have a thing for RT brushes in general, though. Great post!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. It's great! Thank you Jasmine xo