UPDATE: what's happening, changes, struggles and etc.


I don't know if you have noticed, but I  haven't been posting as much as I would usually. And I just wanted to apologise and explain why. I am a 11 form student, which means that for this year I had to select the subjects needed for my further career development. I have chosen A levels of Biology and Chemistry. These subjects were always my favourite, but the curriculum this year has changed drastically compared to 10 form and I did not even mention that I also have 8 more subjects besides these that I need to prepare for.  I just can't mentally handle the pressure that I get from school and balance my social and school life. Blogging for me isn't just a hobby, it's also my way to relax and it may sound cheesy, but it's the thing that makes me happy. I could post more blog posts, but I just want them to be the best I can do, and for me it takes about 3-7 days, sometimes more to complete a single blogpost and sometimes, in days like this when I find some time to blog, I try to do as much as I can do, but it just gets overwhelming. I don't want to go to more details and I just really hope that you will understand.. This actually makes me mad that I can't post as much as I would love to, especially during the Holiday time. Anyways, I am so happy that the Holidays are coming and I will have a few weeks to sleep in, because these past few months I wasn't getting enough of sleep because of the schoolwork I needed to complete.

I love you guys so so much and your support and comprehension would mean the world to me! I am really sorry that I can't promise you to post more often, but I will try my hardest (by the way, I already have a few posts, that I am currently working on, in my drafts). I wish you an amazing time!

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