W7 Power Puff Face Blending Sponge


So most of you know what a beautyblender is. Well, and you may have noticed that it's not a regular beauty blender, which a lot of youtubers seem to have. This is a lot cheaper alternative (7€ instead of 20€)!  Of course, But of course, I cannot compare them because I have never owned one.
So that I was talking about all this time?
It's about W7 Power Puff Face Blending Sponge. I will be honest, I have never heard or tried anything from this brand before, but still I wanted to try something new. I found this in a new makeup store in Lithuania, which is called I was amazed how many affordable brands it was carrying: W7, sleek, l.a. girl, l.a. colours and much more. I was guided by a very lovely lady that worked there and after a long picking thing I finally decided that I want to try a W7 blending sponge. So I discovered that it is an England brand, which made really happy because I just love this country!
Okay, less talk more work...
The first thing that you need to do is to soak it in water. I poured some warm water in a bowl, dipped it in and started squeezing so the sponge would soak through. After picking it up from water I noticed a big size difference. It definitely swelled. I was sceptical about this at first because I thought that it would not be comfortable to dab my face with it because it's just too big now, but I was wrong! By the way, it is very important to squeeze off all the excess water from the sponge. Then I squeezed some of my foundation on my hand (it actually took 2 pumps like this to cover my entire face). I soaked a more pointy sponge side and started working it out.

The end result stunned me. Now I understand why all people are raving about this whole beauty blender stuff. My face was covered with minimum amount of foundation, but still covered all my redness, did not cover all my blemishes fully, but I wasn't expecting this because I always use concealer on top. But still the way it covered my face is a miracle! The foundation was so lightweight and still with a lot of coverage, I think that this makeup sponge brought up all the best from my foundation. I don't know what's the reason why my face did not feel sticky at all, maybe because of water in the sponge, but it was a great plus!

Overall, I am very happy with the results:
♡ Lightweight and a good coverage ♡
♡ Face left with no stickiness ♡ 
♡ Easy to apply ♡

Highly recommend this one if you have always wanted to try a beautyblender, but was pushed off because of the price! I think that if I will ever be able to get my hands on a real beautyblender, I will definitely compare these!
Take care, V

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