Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette


 So recently I checked out a store that carries brands like Sleek,  W7, L.A. Girl, L.A. Colors, Nabla and etc. I was actually searching for the L.A. Girl matte  pigment gloss in "Dreamy" but for my disappointment they didn't have one at that time. But then this gold shiny palette caught my eyes.  Let's just take a minute to appreciate the packaging. But for real, how chic does this look? I love the gold shine inside and out. And how nice it is to also include a full size mirror!? Love the design of this palette, it looks for more than 14.99$! I am not a huge than on the brush that comes with it but still, it's a nice addition. Good job Sleek!!
It's a Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette in Solstice 032. Basically, this whole palette is not only meant to be used on your face, you can also apply it on your body which is really awesome! Sleek recommends to apply it with a powder brush to shoulders, down the centre of the arms and across decolletage (what is this?? wait a sec I need to google it).
That else I can mention.. This palette comes in 2 options: silver and the golden one. I actually wanted to get a silver one in the shade "Precious Metals" because it had more natural colours, but the gold one was the only one left but I am still very glad I got exactly this one!
The next thing I want to talk about is the shade range. I have to say, these are some damn pretty colours over there. Oh, and the names are so out of this world! You get a really creamy light brown-coffee-cashmere colour (Ecliptic), shinny and sparkly lilac colour powder (Hemisphere), light and bright yellowish creamy shade (Subsolar) and lastly you get apricot coloured shimmery powder (Equinox).
I guess it's time to talk about the pigmentation. I would say that these are highly pigmented and blend really well. It has been such a struggle to take a picture of the highlight, but with the help of ipiccy I managed it haha. I love how both powder and cream colours work well together. It's one of those palettes which all of the colours are going to be used. 

If you need more info I recommend reading from the picture down below, I think Sleek did an amazing job with this instruction. It says what every single highlight is for and how to apply it! Overall, I think this palette is a great addition to your makeup collection and totally worth the money!
Let me know if you have ever tried something from Sleek Makeup and if you do , let me know that was it!
I hope you enjoyed and are having an amazing morning/day/evening/night!


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  1. These are so pretty!!

  2. The packaging is beautiful. I love sleek products too especially their mascara and liquid eyeliner.

    1. Haven't tried any of these! Will have to check them out:) thanks for the comment!

  3. Atrodo gražiai, bet aš tokia išranki highlighteriams, tad įdomu būtų pamatyti juos realiai bei išmėginti :)

    1. būtinai artimiausiu metu padarysiu įrašą kaip ant veido atrodo! Vis dar labai tikiuosi, kad fotoaparatas sugebės perteikti vaizdą haha. Aš kaip naujokė makiažo sferoje, tai čia yra mano pirmasis highlighteris, todėl net nenutuokiu geras ar ne, nes neturiu su kuo lyginti, bet kolkas viskas labai smagiai su juo:) Bet vis tiek patariu kai bus proga pasibandyti!:)