Stitched mouth halloween look


I hope this didn't creep the hell out of you! This is my second Halloween tutorial (you can see my first one here) and I think it turned out quite well:)) This look is much more disturbing and Halloween-ish in my opinion:) Oh and you may have a question for me: "How the hell can I talk in this??". Well, this is why I made the stitches loose. Of course, you won't be able to eat, but you could drink through a straw. Though, I was able to talk with no problems, but laughing was not that easy ha ha. I would say that this looks is perfect for taking pictures, but not for a crazy Halloween party ha ha.
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And again, this is not my makeup idea. There are tons of tutorials on this look all over the internet. If you want to see a tutorial on how to make a similar stitched mouth makeup look, you can check out these YouTube videos:
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That's all for my Halloween inspired makeup looks this year. So excited for the next year so I could create even more of these looks using latex or fake blood:). If you decide to re-create this look, make sure to send me the pictures, I would love to see them:)

Let me know what are you going to be this Halloween? :)

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  1. This definitely freaked the hell out of me, but it looks so good!

    1. sorry!! But I guess my mission is completed now ha ha. Thank you! xo

  2. Jergau kaip išsigandau, kai išmetė nuotrauką!!! PUUUUIKIAI!!!