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I love trying out new makeup so I was very excited to finally receive this NYX soft matte lipstick in colour "London". I ordered it from Ebay, it was shipped from America and it came in a very short time ~ about a week (in my opinion for Ebay that's very fast ha ha). I was looking for a matte nude lipstick for ages and now I own one! So excited to take some selfies with this guy!
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Also, I started using 2 new hair products my mom bought recently. It's a Russian brand Лошадиная Сила (Horsepower), which commercial I see on TV almost every day, so it's actually aroused my curiosity and when my mom got these I was super excited! My mom bought a hair mask and a shampoo. I already started using these products and I am actually starting to see the results! If you would like me to do a more detailed review of these two, let me know in the comments:)
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And last two things are gel nail polishes. These two are complete opposites. Left one is a black and on the right is a baby pink one ha ha. I love wearing black clothes so I am very excited to start painting my nails in black too! It's by Kinetics in Jet Black #188. A light pink colour I will mostly use for a French manicure:) It's by Sensationail in Babydoll Pink.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this kind of post:) Let me now that are you trying out this fall! Have a wonderful day!

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    1. I've only tried the black one and I love it so far!

  2. I love gel nail polish because it lasts so much longer and I think it helps to keep my nails strong. Matte is my favorite for lips - but almost everything matte is so drying. :C

    1. Heey! First of all, thank you for the comment:) Yeah, gel nails do last longer than regular nail polishes, but I noticed that they really make my nails weaker:( Maybe that's because I always had very weak and thin nails. That is so cool that it makes yours stronger!! Well, this is my first lipstick in my lipstick history ha ha so I don't have much to say about it, but so far I have never felt my lips getting dry from it:))