My haircare routine


Another routine? Yes. After posting my previous routine, I was thinking a bit and decided not to write all those descriptions what seller gives, because I think, that if you are interested,  you will open the website that tells you more about the product and just read it by yourself. You can enter the website I provide just by clicking on the product's name. Anyways, I will try to express my opinion very shortly but clearly. I hope you enjoy this!

Liquid products

Another thing, I NEVER use all this stuff in one day. I usually spread them throughout the week.

Most important stuff - shampoo. I use Eucerin Dermo Capillaire Anti-Dandruff  (1) shampoo, which comes in a cream and gel texture (I use cream), depending on that type of scalp you have - cream for oily and gel for dry scalp. I have been using this shampoo since I got psoriasis, which means for 3 years. It's the only shampoo that helps me fight with dandruff and keeps it away while I am using it. 

Price: ~15€ for 250ml

I also use Oriflame HairX Volume Boost Leave-In Conditioner (2)  and SYOSS Supreme Selection Restore 10 in 1 treatment (3). I don't have much to say about these products because I have never noticed a huge change in my hair after using them. I usually spray them on after my hair gets electrified. They both  moisturise and leave my hair soft, fresh and nice smelling.

Price: ~4€ for 150ml (Oriflame), ~6€ for 100ml (SYOSS)

Rarely used product - John Frieda Sheer Blonde go blonder Lightening Conditioner (4). I apply it on my roots and after about two months using it, I don't see any visible change in my roots colour, but that's surely my fault because I use it very rarely. I will continue using this product and will let you know if I notice any change.

Price: ~11€ for 250ml

Last but not least liquid product  - Biosilk silk therapy (5). This is such a nice product, I love using it! It makes your hair EXTREMELY SOFT, For real like silk! Love this so much, definitely need a bigger szie bottle! 

Price: ~5€ for 15ml

Hair Brushes

For permanent use I brush my hair with Hercules Sagemann 9247 Reine Borsten ( couldn't find any informative link:( ) hair brush. It's one of the best hair brushes I have ever used, because it leaves hair very soft and with no tangle. When my hair is wet I use No Tangle by Macadamia, which I love, because it helps me to brush my hair very easily and with no pain. Love both of these!!

Price: 11.20€ (No Tangle), ~15€ (Hercules Sagemann)

So that's basically my haircare routine, thank you so much for reading and have an awesome day!

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